I'm a tech, hooray!  What do I need to know?

As a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician, you know the importance of staying active to best serve children and their parents and caregivers.  Here are a number of resources you can use to do just that!

Looking for the newest car seat recall list? It can be found on the Safe Ride News website.

Continuing Education/CEUs

Your best source of continuing ed is to keep your profile current.  Login to ensure your information is up-to-date.  You will also find several CEU resources there.



Online CEUs from the National CPS Board


Recertification Information:







Holding events

Event grants:


Check forms:

(Note: events registered with the Safe Kids Buckle Up program should use the forms provided by SKBU.  Generic forms are for non-SKBU events.)



Promotional flyers:


Technician Sign-off Assessment Tool




Networking and miscellaneous

Nebraska Highway Safety Office child passenger safety page.  

Link to order free CPS and other safety materials.


I want to be a Senior Checker (or I am a Senior Checker, Where do I Login?):

Senior Checker Protocol and Login (External Webpage from Safe Kids Worldwide)


I want to be a CPST Instructor!

Information on CPS Certification Site


You Tube Video Links:


National Child Passenger Safety Board


Children's Hospital of Philadelphia






Who are the Special Needs Techs in Nebraska?







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